CPhI Conferences

10 - 11 June 2020, Virtual Confex
This conference will deliberate on various aspects from source of the impurity, specification limits, regulatory requirements, risk assessments and evaluation of nitroso impurities. It will highlights the key methodologies and techniques to identify these impurities in drug products thereby ensuring launch of quality drugs to the market.
25 - 26 June 2020
Biolytica 2020 is a platform that will cover various facets of bioanalytics like evolution of novel structural modalities, efficacy and safety of therapeutic agents, changes in analytical tools, emergence of nanoelectronic sensors and many more. This conference will provide an in-depth understanding of current trends, address the key challenges and latest techniques in this domain.
2 July 2020  
Pharma Manufacturing 4.0 will be a unique platform to discover various ways pharma are driving projects in Industry 4.0 & Smart Manufacturing, Digitalization, Innovative Tech & Operations Transformation and Continuous Manufacturing.
23-24 July 2020   Hyderabad
Development of novel drug delivery systems (NDDS) has accelerated to unprecedented levels, as the need for drugs having enhanced efficacy and reduced toxicity is gaining more importance. The Advanced API and Drug Delivery conference will deliberate on the most recent trends, challenges and best practices to launch cost-effective safer drugs in the market.
19 - 21 August 2020   Mumbai
The summit aims at overcoming the regulatory challenges and ways in which companies can comply with global regulatory guidelines to reduce the chances of being issued import alerts and warning letters by the regulators.
4 - 5 September 2020   Sahara Star, Mumbai
InnoPack Pharma Confex in Mumbai is one of the leading platforms for Pharma Packaging professionals to congregate, network, exchange ideas and knowledge, form future alliances and shape the future of the Pharma and Biopharma packaging industry.
InnoPack 2020 will provide varied networking opportunities through focused technical workshops, informative conference, enriching round table discussion and entertaining awards night. It is poised to be the biggest congregation of pharma packaging industry in India.
17- 18 September 2020   Mumbai
Pharma SCM Summit is the largest gathering of supply chain experts and logistics solution providers, who will gather to create avenues for better pharma supply chain solutions and infrastructure.
17- 18 September 2020   Mumbai
The workshop will focus on systematic evaluation and understanding of cleaning validation regulations, development of cleaning validation protocol, method validation, sampling techniques and risk evaluation & control.
24-25 September 2020   Mumbai
Biopharmaceuticals is poised to become the core of the pharmaceutical industry with a significant transformation in the laboratory, strategy, technology, and operations. This conclave will focus on Biologics & Gene Therapy, Vaccines, Biosimilars and Biomanufacturing.
In addition to 4 parallel technical conferences, Biopharma Conclave 2020 is curated with a series of engaging and networking opportunities throughout the year.


September 2020   Hyderabad
Impurity Profiling Workshop will focus on details delineated in the ICH M7 and Q3D guidelines and elaborate on the challenges that industry is experiencing when attending elemental and genotoxic impurities in drug substances and drug products.
To know more about this conference contact: Meghna.dekhtawala@informa.com
October 2020   Mumbai
This workshop will assure successful FDA inspections along with ensuring that the systems and its applications fulfill its intended purpose. This workshop will be a platform to enlighten the industry professionals with latest tools and techniques in this domain along with RAMP models.
24 November 2020   Greater Noida
Driven by powerful content and unmatched speaker profiles, this forum will discuss and deliberate on the key areas of growth that the pharma industry will focus on as well as the key drivers to success.
26 November 2020   Greater Noida
This is a gathering of the most sought-after women leaders in managerial and mid-management levels, entrepreneurs, and mentors to support female leadership through panel discussions, fireside chats and networking opportunities.